North Sulawesi Tourism– For nature lovers as well as those who like the challenge of trekking, village Mengkang could be an option. The village is within the administrative mengkang Lolayan District, Bolaang Mongondow, North Sulawesi.

This village became important because its location is in the middle of the National Park Wartabone Bogani Nani. National Parks in the two provinces, namely North Sulawesi and Gorontalo has an area of ​​287,115 hectares, with 62.32 per cent were in the eastern part Bolaang Mongondow.

The village is also known as the village Mengkang energy independent, because the wisdom of people who take advantage of the abundance of water the source of power, so they do not depend entirely on the supply of electricity. The village is accessible from Manado Mengkang with berkenderaan approximately 4 hours.

Once inside the village Mengkang, visitors are immediately treated to a beautiful view of the countryside. A suspension bridge is the gateway entrance to the village which is located within the park. Come to Mengkang at night time, so dawn can do trekking to the location of the waterfall.

Mengkang waterfall must be adopted by the foot as far as 6 miles. Start from 5 pm dawn is the best option. Fog left over from last night is saying good morning beautiful. From the suspension bridge, the trail bends to the right has been presenting very diverse biodiversity.

Flora and Fauna will greet along the way. For photography enthusiasts, the eyes should remain alert throughout the journey. Object image presented by the overflow. Neither form of landscape, nature, macro flora, macro insects, and wild animals that pass.

Provide personnel and supplies, for trekking along the 6 kilometer should be pursued through a variety of obstacles. No fewer than 12 children have passed a rocky river. Get ready also crept in among collapsed giant trees. Bamboo bridges into a tempting dish of exotic nature.