Lake Toba

Lake Toba

North Sumatra Tourism – Lake Toba is one of the amazing natural wonders of the world. This is a crater lake so huge it has an island about the size of Singapore in its center. With over 1145 square kilometers and a depth of 450 meters, Lake Toba is actually more like an ocean. This is the largest lake in Southeast Asia and the world’s deepest lake.

Toba is a place to come and sit back, relax and absorb the beautiful pristine landscape. As you can sit and enjoy the views of the picturesque mountains set against the cold clear lake, you’ll feel the worries of the world melt. As the lake is 900 meters above sea level the climate is colder here pausing refreshing to heat, humidity and pollution of the city.

It is hard to imagine a more picturesque place to come and enjoy hiking, swimming and sailing but once you get there, it might be difficult to resist the effects anesthetize the lake. The cool, clean water, along with the relaxed atmosphere and friendly people is what attracts visitors from around the world to Toba.

Venture on Samosir Island in the middle of the lake and discover cool mist laden mountains, clear waterfalls to swim under and people taking his water buffalo in the fields.

This is a place to come and enjoy the legendary Batak hospitality. Provide and enjoy some traditional palm wine with the locals. Sit and have a coffee and chat with the locals eager to practice their English. On-wherever you go, will not take long to make a new friend.


On land, there is accommodation available in the city of paragliding. Paragliding occupies a small rocky peninsula jutting into the lake. On the way to the hill Paragliding city Berastagi get spectacular views of the lake as initially sight and the road winds its way through the mountains near the coast. In Toba Batak live paragliding and Simalungun Batak people who are known as a people happy and carefree, famous for their lively and sentimental songs. While most have embraced Christianity, ancient beliefs and traditions persist.