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Ijen crater is 30 million cubic meters of water in the area is 800 x 700 meters, with a crater depth reaches 180 meters. To reach the top of Ijen and see the beauty of East Java, can last through two cities, and Bondowoso Banyuwangi, the first point of the Paltuding rise, this is the first post for climbers inform the Ijen ranger pay only about 20 thousand to 1 people. From Paltuding still about 3 km to reach the top of Ijen. Land to the top is not so difficult at first, but when you get to the top and want to reach the crater rim, this area is very difficult, if not taken care of lives are at stake.

To reach the top of Ijen is very easy if you are patient, disciplined, loyal and understanding, especially when faced with sulfur workers. Ijen Sulfur a source of support around Mount Ijen. Sulfur urban community on the need to make cosmetics and topical, but not worth the price for the worker Ijen sulfur. 1 kg of sulfur in 500 rupee appreciate to carry sulfur from the crater rim to post Paltuding carrying a load of about 90-120 kg at a time and take one-way.

On an average day, only able to x 2 x 3 or alone, on the way there is a rise of Ijen sulfur instead of weighing, hikers can rest here while trying to work yoke sulfur, sulfur workers always stop at the V post, despite the inherent sulfur data is recorded and the foreman. I can imagine how their efforts are not worth getting a great power to a man.

ijenTake the foil or aluminum are also available in packs of cigarettes, this is very useful to protect the teeth or the teeth will be rotten, here’s the explanation: Baud smoke inhalation while sulfur is definitely on the verge of crater was put foil on your teeth until all the teeth closed, then cover with a mask or a cloth that has been given until the water was wet, you feel uncomfortable, but the health of the teeth and lungs is more important.