Indonesia Tourism – You and hundreds of others are about ready to take a walk in a symbolic representation of the world, as imagined and built here sometime around the year 800. You are in one of the greatest Buddhist monuments in the world, and the huge square pyramid attached to the front of you, is neither more nor less than the Buddhist view of the cosmos in stone. And as you go up, you should be stepping on a physical path that reflects the spiritual journey symbolically carry the traveler of this world to a higher plane of existence. It is quite a journey.

In Borobudur not only visit a historical site, but also witnessed a dramatic example of an international trading network that allowed Buddhism spread beyond the limits of his birth and become a world religion.

Commanding a volcanic plane in central Java, Borobudur is a step pyramid, from more than a million and a half stone blocks. Built around 800, which is designed as seven terraces of Mount shrinking as you climb: four square terraces down, then three more circular earlier – and on top of the entire structure is a large domed shrine dimensions.

As you climb through the various levels, take the road material to spiritual enlightenment. At the lowest level, the sculptural reliefs show us the illusions and disappointments of ordinary life, with all its problems and deficiencies. They show us the punishment for adulterers, murderers and thieves – a Dante-like vision of sin and its punishment inevitable. Above, theboro_2 reliefs show the life of the historical Buddha, as negotiated this imperfect world, moving from his princely birth and wealth of the family to the resignation and, eventually, enlightenment.

After that, see individual statues of Buddha, meditation and teaching, showing how the pilgrims continue their journey to the realm of spirit. The monument, or stupa is decorated with over a thousand relief stone sculptures, and populated by hundreds of Buddha statues. Borobudur is undoubtedly one of the great cultural achievements of mankind.

Through the years, the work has done much to restore Borobudur, in 1991 won World Heritage status. It also has the distinction of being the largest Buddhist temple in the world and the most visited attraction in Indonesia.